Wednesday, February 12, 2014


On this day____________________________________ on which Indian parliament has passed the bill for dividing Andhra Pradesh, I declare my integrity as a Telugu speaking person is broken and as an Indian too. So hereby I am signing the Declaration of Great Andhra Independence on the same day with the hope of regaining my pride back by freeing my nation from the hands of Indian illiterate Democracy.
  1. All Telugu speaking people are born equal.
  2. Andhra is the equivalent term in Vedic Sanskrit for Telugu speaking people
  3. Indian constitutional democracy wants to break Andhras by divide and rule policy
  4. This is the gift given for electing Congress twice continuously.
  5. We now understand India is a fucked up democracy.
  6. It has been hijacked by Congress slaves led by fake Gandhi Dynasty
  7. Our task is to liberate Costal Andhra and Seemandhra from the Indian republic and create Great Andhra Republic
  8. Either Chinese or Americans or any God Damn nation is friend of us in this task.
  9. This will be achieved even it breaks the integrity of the Indian nation as a whole.
  10. We shall invade India and occupy Telanganandhra and complete the Greater Andhra Republic.
  11. In our Nation we will give Telangana people a separate state of 10 districts including Hyderabad and without any conditions.They can happily make KCR family as their Leaders and enjoy. In case of every small trouble they are free to burn themselves which they used to.
  12. All Telugu speaking regions are welcome and will be invaded and merged into Greater Andhra Republic. With the amount National pride this country’s voters are showing it is not far from reality.
  13. From today onwards I am not a “GULUTE” or a “TELUGITE” , I am Andhra
  14. Long live Andhra Pride, Short live Indian Democracy

I agree with the above mentioned points and try my best to carve out “Great Andhra Republic” in all possible ways. Also if I couldn’t achieve this in my lifetime, I will inculcate the feeling of Andhra pride in them and make them learn the difference it has from Indian fake Gandhi family slaves.

Andhra is pride. If it is hurt, the responsible shall suffer.


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